Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End of the year

Sorry for the long absence but you know what the end of the year is like. Add to the fact that hubby and I were able to get away to Bali alone for 5 days and well the year is over.
So here is how the garden stands at the end of 2009. Way less plants then I hoped but plans and actions for a blasting start to 2010.

Heirloom Pumpkin I think it is a Red Kuri.

Black Beauty Zucchini

I want to:
Install 6, 2 by 1 m wicking raised beds
Solar pergola down the east side of the house
Add another layer of soil conditioner,manure and mulch to the whole garden
Re-engineer the reticulation system
Create an outdoor shower,bali themed tropical food forest, jungle down the dead side of the house including an aquaculture setup.
Alfresco area with cob oven,outdoor kitchen and space to hang my hammock.

Nothing too major right???? We all have to have dreams.
We will work on one project at a time and keep you informed.

Till 2010, happy gardening!!

The good, the bad and the plain ugly.Garden beds still bare...sigh!

Seedlings to fill beds

Happy New year Honey and Soy!