Monday, August 8, 2011

Winter Garden

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted a blog entry. Busy isn't even an excuse.I have continued to garden and create a simpler life (kinda) in the past few months. The solar panels are doing fantastically and we haven't paid a bill since they were installed.In fact we are still in credit!! The garden is looking quite bare with most of the trees in winter dormancy but I have learnt from past years that this is not the time to stop planting as it only leads to a huge gap in the spring months. So although things are far from productive at the moment here is tour of the garden as it currently looks.

I divided the rhubarb a month or so ago and planted one out in a tyre...seems to like it!

Kumquat that just brings a splash of colour to the back yard. Already made 6 jars of marmalade this season.

The great passionfruit vine eating the chicken enclosure.Will bring fantastic shade come summer and is currently covered in big juicy passionfruits.

Purple sprouting brocolli.Can you see the nasty caterpillar?? I didn't until I looked at the photos on my computer, a quick dash outside and the caterpillar is now hiding in a chicken's stomach!!

The wicking bed is still earning it's keep.

Peas, brassicas and fennel in a raised bed.

The mulberry tree reaching for the stars. Can you believe that two years ago it was barely a stick!!

Seven year bean. Looks like a snow pea tastes like a bean.Beautiful purple flowers.

The orchard all bare except for the guavas and one pomegranate.

A surprise!! Thought it was a red kale but found out today it's a Kohl Rabi!!

The girls are all back on the lay so we have eggs a plenty!!

Pretty Calendula one of the newest additions to the garden.

I hope your garden is growing strong and that the caterpillars are on a diet at your house.