Wednesday, August 12, 2009

slowly but surely

Little by little the garden is coming back to life.
I wish the gap between the super hot and the cold had been longer and I had more time to plant winter veg because it is only now that I am harvesting again after what seems like a very long time.

In the past week I have harvested 5 Pepinos. 2 Chinese cabbages and a few cape gooseberries.
The gooseberries didn't have a chance of being photographed as they headed straight for my mouth.

Slowly but surely spring is coming...I can't wait!

Self seeded Basil pushing its way up.

Dwarf Sugar snap peas

Gorgeous Mulberry, can't wait for this years pickings


Chinese Cabbage weighing 2 kgs after the outside leaves were fed to the chooks.


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  2. I bought a pepino plant not long ago. 1st my chickens stripped it of all its leave, 2nd a possum stole the 2 pepinos that were left, 3rd my dads dog snapped it into pieces with her big black tail.
    Silver lining...For every piece i got a new pepino plant...just waiting for the fruit now!!!
    XO In Her Nest