Friday, October 16, 2009

Is anyone out there?

I have a large number of blogs that I visit and granted I don't comment on them all but I was wondering today if anyone out there is actually reading this or if it's for my own entertainment. Not that I really mind I just wanted to share with others and think maybe the others out there are just my imaginary friends. If you have a moment let me know you are there,I like friends.

Red Centred Lime

Donut Peach

Anyway Spring is officially here.Today was a glorious day filled with music lessons, sports carnivals in the sun and freshly baked bread. Lots of eager plants are awaiting their transfer into the big garden beds and we are starting to pick food daily from our garden.(Granted the kids eat it before they leave for school but I am not complaining about children that get disappointed that there is not enough peas )

The weekend will probably involve some more paving,gardening and taxi-ing but hey that is what being alive is all about.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine if you are lucky enough to have some.


  1. I'm here :-)

    I always read your posts fay - but I may not always take the time to comment sorry.

    I know how you feel. Sometimes I feel like nobody is reading. But then I realise that i'm OK with that. I think i'd still continue even if nobody was reading. i like how blogging makes me explore, learn, question and evaluate.


  2. Hi, I subscribe to your feed, so I don't always visit your actual blog but I always read it. My computer is getting on a bit in years and is pretty slow so I also tend to get a bit too impatient to comment.
    Keep writing!

  3. Thank you girls.I agree Tricia I would keep blogging anyway because it is a wonderful record of what is going on in the garden and on our journey. It's nice to know though that there are people out there following along.

  4. Hi Fay,
    I have only just found your blog! Love your photos and what an impressive garden you must have! I too, often read others blogs but don't get time to post comments... but I am looking forward to reading more of yours!

  5. Hi Fay,
    I read this post a year later so you are doing something right. I often feel the same way but as you said it is good entertainment and venting even if no one is reading!

    Thanks for the lovely blog!
    XO In Her Nest