Monday, January 31, 2011

A solar we will go!

Today the Baudains' went solar. We had a 2.8 kw system installed on the roof. It looks amazing and is already generating power even though it has been cloudy all day.
This is another big step to making our place a sustainable home in the suburbs.
We have a little room for expansion which we hope to do once we add an alfresco to the backyard.
I am sure that this step will help us become even more aware of our power usage,we already turn off lights and don't do standby but I am sure there are many more ways we can improve our power consumption.
Will let you know how the first power bill goes.


  1. Awesome! I'd love to know the nitty gritty details... We want to do something similar in the future.

  2. Its good you are so green it will offset the amount of plazma tv's Phil sold in about 25 years. Steven.

  3. Excellent job.. we have solar at our home and it has been well worth the expense. Our last power bill was only $52. It feels good that you are helping the environment as well as the hip pocket.

  4. Such attractive panelling too! Congrat's. We've had ours for a while now, and low energy bills are very exciting!

  5. Hi Fay,

    I too have a 2.8kW PV system on my roof since Sept 2007. Well worth the investment and so far we have generated well over 3MWhs of free electricity. That is worth over $2000 in savings so far. In fact my last bill was -$27!


  6. Congratulations Fay! How exciting! Have fun reading the metre showing how much green energy you are producing, and receiving those energy bills which will be so much less!