Monday, September 26, 2011

It's the simple things

At the moment I have a cold. Might be the explanation behind this post. Anyway I was at my mum's when I realised I had left my hanky at home. I had just bought a set of hankies the week earlier and although they are very old man and tough on the nose they will do.
So I was telling my mum I left my hanky behind and that I needed to find some girlie ones. Well up she jumps in a flash and brings me back a bundle of hankies.
As I went through the little pile she told me the stories of who they belonged to and how she came to have them. I have never been so happy over such small pieces of cloth. These are more then hankies they are practical memories. I went home with a little bundle of hankies and a heart full of family history. You would never get such joy out of a tissue.

Two of my childhood hankies.

My mother's childhood hanky given to her at Christmas time by a friend.It's monogrammed.

My mother's "something blue" hanky that she wore at her wedding.

My grandmother's hankies, one machine laced the other hand laced.

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  1. Yep, you would NEVER get such joy out of a tissue. What treasures! And how nice to be able to use and enjoy that family history. I bet blowing your nose has never made you feel so good.