Thursday, January 19, 2012

Summer 2012 plus some before and afters

A little update on the garden this summer. I hate that I am forced to not plant during this season but it would be a ridiculous exercise in this heat.

Sharing some of our fruit with a "local"

Pomegranate fence

"The Orchard" Oct 2008

The Orchard January 2012 (3 years 3 months old)

Apple trees under nets so we actually get some fruit

The Seven year bean has gone crazy

Carrots that actually survived repeated attacks from the chooks

Nursery area cause I just can't stop myself from sowing seeds!

The long view March 2009

The long view January 2012

On the no supermarket front we are 19 days in and still going strong (LOL huge achievement I know). Even managed to shop for a weeks camping without succumbing.

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  1. Your garden is looking unreal!

    I'm planning to get my garden up and running again after being neglected for a few years. can't wait. I'm doing my permaculture design certificate in a few months so i'm looking forward to planning the new beds.

    Well done wuith the skipping the supermarket challenge. Were finding it easy as well. it hasn't been an issue at all.