Thursday, July 30, 2009

Catch Up Mayhem Part 1 Green Loan

Well with the school holidays and returning to work I have been away from my blog.
So the catch up begins with our Green Loan Home Assessment that took place yesterday.
Our lovely assessor Chris took a thorough look at our house and our energy use and had lots of great tips. What a great resource.Talk about eye opening. We went through every room and estimated the frequency of use of every and I mean every switch,light and appliance in the house.
We anxiously await our report so that we can see exactly where we can improve our energy use.We had some great conversations about gardening and products available.
To follow up he sent me some great links about aquaponics and wicking garden beds that I would love to implement.
I recommend that everyone gets an assessment even if you are not planning on taking out a loan.

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