Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Waste Free Week

Well today was to be the beginning of waste free week,where we tried to create zero landfill waste for the week.Well within 5 minutes of waking I discovered that this challenge was going to require a lot more research and preparation before just diving in.
Firstly I awoke to the plastic insides of the cereal boxes as the kids finished the cereal this morning, hmm first obstacle.
Solution: buy cereal from the bulk food place in town and take my own containers.
Secondly a deliver of clothes from a party I had a week ago wrapped in a large plastic delivery bag and each piece of clothing individually wrapped in plastic.
Solution: a) don't buy from this company again
b) ask specifically to have my garments sent unwrapped or at least wrapped in one bag only (not sure this would happen)
Thirdly: the kids went to the deli so buy themselves a treat. Bubblegum!! The paper looks like it might biodegrade but the out wrapper and actual gum i am not sure about.
Solution: research recyclability of bubblegum and educate the kids on making other choices that are more environmentally friendly.
Fourthly (phew) nappies!!! Now I have a huge stack of cloth that I have gotten slack about using so I washed and prepared them all yesterday and have them on him today but I still have last nights nappies to deal with. Granted they are envrionmentally friendly nappies but I am sure they will still create waste. Will look on their website for more details.

All this and only 11 am. So some changes to make already. I guess this is the point, to learn and then to make the choice to change.
Maybe we will call this week waste free training week!!

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