Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Listened: to the rain pelting on the rooftop (first real rain all year)
Stressed: about the newly painted chook house sitting out in said rain
Harvested: rain
Transplanted: silverbeet, sugar bowl cabbage and brocolli seedlings
Saved: seeds from the butternut pumpkin and Tommy Toe tomatoes
Relocated: raised garden bed number two and the gazebo
Loved: my husband for being so helpful
Danced: to the Bananas in Pyjamas with my two year old music class
Pounced: to Trepak with my three year old music class
Laughed : when my 35 year old friend got hit on my by the 17 year old deli boy
Ate: homemade cinnamon scrolls
Smiled: well wouldn't you after a day like that.


  1. Hi Fay girl, made me smile reading the above. I just had 15 trees delivered. Hubby is in for a busy week-end planting! Slowly catching-up now. Glad we discovered planting in duos or trios. That means we can fit more trees in. Hooray!

  2. This post made us smile too! What a lovely way to describe a beautiful day for you!


    Ally and Rich