Friday, May 8, 2009

Real Mother's Day Presents

On the home front...
There is nothing like vomit to remind you that you are a mother. Today both my boys presented me with this prestigious gift. Ahh happy mother's day to me :)
On the garden front...
Things have been quiet. We have had a rather sad week with the news that my step mum has breast cancer and my brother's farewell as he joins the Australian Troops to fight the war in the middle east. A very reflective week on what is truly important in life. The garden, the little trouper that it is, has just continued on in my absence...though I was never really very far.
Today was a tidy up day.I pulled down the tomato wall and hung the remaining plants upside down to get the last of the tomatoes. I also had to fix the retic, i was hoping to wait until spring but with no rain in sight i still need to rely on it.
The chicken coop is slowly moving forward but hubby has been out of action all week recovering from a procedure. I have discovered that I am actually very handy with a mitre saw and a drill. Another skill for when we move to the big farm.
On the food front...
I pulled my first full sized carrots...what a joy! It still surprises me that this food comes from my garden.It just makes me want to grow more and more. We are constantly snacking on peas and eyeing the Chinese Cabbage for our chance to attack them.

Let's hope the rain falls soon and I can find some time for some real gardening..I'm thinking some more beds are required!!

So with the week I've had I'm very grateful to have received the gifts of my health, my safety,my children and my garden.

It truly will be a wonderful Mother's Day!!

The roost goes in and laying boxes formed

Next step is the handles so then we can move it around the garden

I know not a glamorous magazine shot but more important than any carrot I have ever eaten.


  1. Cool carrot - must get onto my vegie patch. Just got to sort those darn rabbits out first. Someone suggested stew but I don't think my girls will think much of that idea!!

  2. Better looking than any carrot i've grown! I have never had much luck with carrot.