Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How big is your foot?

Found a great site today the Bigfoot test.
It estimates how many hectares you are currently consuming to live. Now I have done a few of these over the years but what I liked about this one was when I finished I could go back and choose some key areas that I wanted to improve on and then calculate how that affected my footprint.
A worthwhile thing to do when you need to remind yourself of all the little things you can be doing to improve our world. I am happy to say that I use less then the average Australian but since I know what huge over users and wasters we are it doesn't give me too much praise. I can always do better.

First day back at school for my kids today and with a wonderfully clean house (had a ripper of a day yesterday) I get to have an eco day woohoo.
First on the list is
  1. some homemade laundry wash,
  2. a wonder in the garden,
  3. transplanting the guava to the "Orchard"
  4. some work on the chicken coop and
  5. baking for school lunches
Should be an eventful and fulfilling day.

Don't forget Sunday marks to beginning on International Compost Week. I am so happy to see that WA has a number of workshops and talks planned. Might see if I can get to Perth to participate. I will however use this as the motivation needed to start my compost system. Having a brand new garden I have not had anything to compost, happy to say no weeds either, but now that a cycle of food production is coming to an end it will be time to get one going.

Have a happy gardening week!!

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