Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Chicken Tractor

The next major project for the garden is the chicken tractor. For those who don't know what that is a chicken tractor is a mobile chicken coop, one you can move around the garden to where it is needed. I have researched many designs and finally decided on the Catawba Coop from the US. We ordered the Google Sketchup plans and started work on the design. It will take us a while as Phil has been working extra hours and with school holidays on I have not had time to do any alone..not that I would after a major stuff up this week :)
This is it so far. It will eventually house 2 chickens that the Shire of Capel have so nicely given me permission to have ( we do not fit into the shire guidelines but after an email explainly our situation they have granted us permission).On the garden front this week saw the addition of the 30 and 31st fruit trees (and vines). I think we are about half way there!! It is so rewarding to wonder and look at all that we have accomplished.Pace is refering to the strawberries (which are still fruiting) as lollies and has decided he doesn't like the cherry tomaotoes. Rohan has become a great fan of the peas (who would have thought the vegemite kid could like a vegetable) and Mikayla is in love with the Cape Gooseberries.Xander just likes the trampoline but we will keep working on him.


  1. Exciting to see you are getting some chickens! Do you know what kind you will be getting? If you can let them out for additional room to run around, Australorps are wonderful backyard chooks. Silikes are great with kids (very cute and fluffy), and being a smaller bird are suited to small spaces - but you won't get an awful lots of eggs from them. A great chook books we recommend is Allana Moores 'Backyard Poultry Naturally.'

    Good luck with finishing your chook house - it's looking great!


    Ally and Rich

  2. Hello. The chicken trackter is looking great. We use a tractor as well - but the chickens spend most days free ranging. I trim the feathers on one of their wings so that they cannot fly over the fence. Looking forawrd to following your journey.