Sunday, April 26, 2009

Strawberry Propagation

My children are strawberry mad. Luckily last year we were supplied by the Farmers Market and the local pick your own strawberry farm. This year however I would love to be able to supply our family with all their strawberry needs.
I had a dream of growing strawberries in an old pot belly stove and as soon as we moved in the dream became a reality. After a fruitive :) season we have had lots and lots of runners from the plants but how to propagate them when they were hanging in mid air. My mum came up with the idea of using little cups tied to the runners so I recycled some seeding punnets and attached some garden wire to secure the plants so the roots would grow.
Today I planted out some that I did earlier in the year that are now growing strong on their own roots. These are going in half moon pots on the outside walls. Strawberries in the air are not worried by snails.
While I was at it I used the same technique on the plant out the front. Since I ran out of the punnet pieces I used some egg carton because these are on the ground.
So from my original 7 plants I have gotten 20 new plants.
We will see if we can feed the hoards this year.

1 comment:

  1. Loved the innovation of the hanging pots!

    The one strawberry plant I had last year is now around 20. I have just made a raised strawbale garden especially for strawberries and will be transplanting the plants soon. i cannot wait to have LOTS of strawberries!