Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Babies are here!

The babies are here. A little earlier then we expected but the thought of letting the children raise was just too good an opportunity to let pass. There are two Barnevelders and one mixed bantam (with 5 toes and fluffy feet..any ideas) We think they are about 8-9 days old. Being so little we have no idea whether they are boys or girls but fingers crossed for us that they are girls. Either way we will learn about raising them and then make decisions when we get to bridges or however that saying goes.
We want to say thank you to Jacqueline and Tim who graciously showed us around Gardenup and took the time to explain all the elements of the farm, chicks, chickens and roosters to the children.
We are so blessed to be meeting all these wonderful people and making connections all over the South West.

The chicks at Gardenup getting a last drink before the big drive to their home.

Cuddles with dad on the first night spoilt!!

Barnevelder 1

Barnevelder 2..really hope she is a girl as she is already so pretty

Mixed bantam and the favourite.

Oh and we've named our place Fairway Farm since we now have "livestock"

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  1. yay! very exciting! It will be lovely to raise them from chicks. i hope they are all girls :-)