Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Land Lobster?

I was moving a hydrangea today, because lets face it I should never had planted in such a sunny spot to begin with, when from its depths came this "creature".

At first I thought it was a scorpion since I have heard we have those around here but on closer inspection...well....I have no you??

This is to give you an idea of scale...the pathetic broccoli next to it is no more then 15 cm tall.


  1. Weird! It looks like it may be a mole cricket??? See some of the images here:

  2. Oh my goodness that is exactly what it is!! How on earth did you figure that out, I have been googling all afternoon with no luck.

  3. Glad to help. I have no idea how I knew. lucky guess? I must have seen one before cause i recognised it as a mole cricket straight away.