Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Something lost and something found

The rough weather has continued this week. The passionfruit vine looks very unhappy at its shredding and the artichokes look like they've had a comb over. However the rain was good.

The weekend started off badly with the discovery of a dead chick.We have no explanation just a very sad 10 year old. The others thank goodness look healthy and we hope they will continue that way. Miss M and I buried the chick under her fruit tree and offered a prayer for its safety. My heart broke for my baby girl and her amazing empathy for animals.

Monday brought some joy with the delivery of a very small but very substantial package from The Diggers Club.Since I think my fruit tree days are coming to a quick end (I bet I can still make 40 :) ) it is time to get the seed collection underway for annual and perennial growing.

I started cataloging my seeds in my garden journal along with their sowing date and preference and the seeds expiry date. I then put them into my alphabetised seed box that my mum have me (with some very old packets of seed). Now at a glance I can read what plants can be sown in that season and how to do it then open the box and dive into the seedy goodness.

I will organise a seed raising area next week and start some of the kales and onions off.
Then its on to learning to save seed for next year so that I can continue the process for many years to come.

So the circle of life continues!


  1. Great organisation! We really should be more efficient like this. At the moment our seeds are just chucked haphazardly in an old icecream container, We can never remember what was planted or when and every time the plants look set to go to seed RJ breaks off the flowers for the chooks - Argh! He just doesn't get the idea of seed saving.

  2. So sad about the chick :-(

    Your seeds look so organised! I'm with Telela - my seeds are just tossed in a container. One day i'll get organised...