Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 Tally

With the garden just completing it's first full year,it's time for a produce tally and evaluation.

I learnt a very important lesson this year and that is don't wait. It seemed that the weather went from too cold to too hot and vice verse and I missed some very productive growing time. I also waited on crops that were taking up space when I should have just pulled and replanted so that I could continue the cycle. There were many big gaps in my productivity but hey it's all about learning isn't it. With the addition of 6 more raised beds this year I should have both the space and the rotation required to keep vegies growing all year. I may even created some winter covers to go on the new beds to keep productivity up during the winter. With both chicken now laying we should get a nice little egg supply that may not cover all our needs but definitely help to support it.

So what did I manage to grow this year...
20kgs tomatoes
4.5kg pumpkins
1.4 kgs carrots
1kg peas (most eaten before they ever got to the kitchen)
1 kg zucchini (got a very bad case of powdery mildew but I am on that already this year)
5.2 kg Chinese Cabbage (these were a winner despite how much snail damage they endured)
1.5kg shelled broad beans
1 kg rhubard (impressive plant)
44 eggs

The following we grew but never got enough to actually weigh (just eat!!)
Cape gooseberries (did make some jam)
Perpetual Spinach
2 Figs
1 guava
5 Pepinos

So not what I had dreamed for my first year.I had grand images of excess produce and jars of preserves but we all have to start somewhere and I have learnt lots of valuable lessons.

So a grand total of just over 35kgs last year. My aim is for 100kgs this year. I better get off here and back to the garden then.

Happy Gardening!!


  1. Gardening is an adventure! I know that the years we worked nonstop in the garden were often the leanest harvests. The next year, we'd leave things alone a bit more and plant less -- then experience bumper crops and massive harvest.

    I think you did VERY well!! Pat yourself on the back for growing your own food and not letting any of it go to waste!!! Kudos!

  2. Well done!

    Six new raised garden beds. lucky you! What are they made out of? I've been using raised strawbale garden beds but am starting to think I need to invest in something more solid.

    Tricia from Little eco footprints