Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cheese,Jam and Eggs

What a productive week.!!
With inspiration from my RCC I have been baking,cooking and preserving.
I made my first batch of Feta this week and I think I am getting the hang of this cheese making thing. I made some ricotta with the whey ( oh my goodness heaven in a cube) and preserved some Feta in some oil to see how it would go.

Hanging the Feta

Boiling the whey to make Ricotta

Preserving the Feta in olive oil and Basil from the garden. Not sure how it will go.

Mum and I also made a small batch (just 4 baby food jars) of Cape Gooseberry Jam. It was lovely to stand in mum's kitchen while we exchanged techniques and chatted as the jam bubbled away. I see lots more of that in the near future.

Bowl of golden Cape Gooseberries

Last to report this week is that both our hens are finally laying. Soy the barnevelder has been laying for nearly 2 months now but Honey chose yesterday to be her first. She is a mixed bantam and her egg was soo tiny. Just 30 grams and the cutest thing I have ever seen. Just in time too there were rumours circulating that she was rooster.

Honey's first egg surrounded by Soy's brown beauties.

So all in all a great start to the year. Now to get some work done on those garden beds so that we can get some serious planting underway.


  1. Goodness this post reminds me of spring and summer at home. Since I am currently on vacation and many miles north of my own small corner of rural Georgia... this blog post was just what I needed to make me feel right at home.


  2. Wonderful post! It's nice to be productive, and time spent with your mum, that's priceless. Good luck with the garden beds!