Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday River Cottage Challenge (RCC) Update

The first week of my challenge has gone well, as is to be expected when you start a new challenge. This week I cooked.

Quick Fried Onion and Cabbage with Black Pepper

Rhubard Fool (Rhubarb from the garden)

Soda Bread

These three were so quick and easy I could scarcely believe it.

Roast Free Range Chicken…again so easy…why do I always think these things take so much time? I was obviously cooking the wrong food.

The best ever mash…well a bit of a cheat I mean really how easy is mash.

Spagetti Bolognese. Again you would think easy but this one had vegetable pieces in it and milk..yeah I know!!!

Chicken Curry with a whole chicken that I jointed myself..don’t let hubby the ex butcher see how I butchered that one.

Baked Lemon die for.

Oven Roasted Squid

Oh and the boys (7 and 5) cooked drop scones from the book this morning by themselves..with my very watchful eye. I was so proud of them.

And so ends one week since I made my resolution and so far so good. I don’t think it will take me a year at this rate but then there are some tricky recipes ahead and life will soon take over when school and work recommence. It’s actually comforting to just decide on recipes from one book instead of the usual bookcase full.

Simplifies life just a bit!

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  1. Hi Fay,

    Thanks soo much for your comment on my blog about my possible trip to Italy. I love getting comments and stories from other people. It is pretty incredible that you came across my blog and I am here in Canada and you are in Australia. Neat.

    I appreciate your comment and thanks again.